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SUPA University Challenge 2021

We had nine teams representing OUPC at the SUPA University Challenge 2021 (13th-14th November), with 3 of our teams winning their divisions and many more placing 2nd or 3rd!

Special congratulations to the Oxford Dragoons (Tamara Gibbons, Matthew Barnard and Thomas Gordon-Colebrooke) for winning the open title. 💪

🎉List of teams and results:

➡️ Open (Tamara Gibbons, Matthew Barnard and Thomas Gordon-Colebrooke) 1st 🥇

➡️B1 (Anouk Moll, Edward Wang-Chang and George Tebbutt) 1st 🥇

➡️B2 (Daniel Hansen, Emma Gasson, Santiago Potes) 1st 🥇

➡️N1 (Anselm Dyer, Ayaka Shinozaki, Stefan Collins) 2nd 🥈

➡️Inter1 (Carlos Larreategui, Katie MacKeith, Rayhaan Surve) 2nd 🥈

➡️B3 (Annabella Wheatley, Katrina Kalcic, Sara Sabisch) 3rd🥉

➡️N4 (Anthony DelRio, Hope Welker, Dylan Thursfield) 3rd🥉

➡️N2 (Josh Cheung, Beatrice Marchegiani, Ayaka Shinozaki) 4th

➡️ B4 (Yurim Park, Polonia Ivanova,Katherine Zhang) 4th

A special thanks goes to all the Oxford Polo team, our coach, our chairman Katie MacKeith, out polo manager Tamara Gibbons, and our sponsor La Martina

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