About OUPC

Oxford University Polo Club was founded in 1874, just three years after the introduction of polo to Britain, and it continues to be a thriving and successful university polo club, creating history in the polo world to this very day.

Despite its prestigious history, OUPC is a relaxed and sociable club. We want to encourage students from all backgrounds to participate in the sport, whether they are complete beginners or seasoned

We hold regular lessons throughout the year with David Ashby and his team at ‘Oxford Polo’, helping you to develop the basic skills necessary. During the ‘Arena Season’ (Michaelmas and Hilary) we are based at Holbrook Farm in North Leigh and during the ‘Summer Season’ (Trinity) we play at Kirtlington Park Polo Club. To help put the foundations players learn at lessons and during instructional chukkas in to practice, we organise both friendly and competitive matches – at all levels – as well as participating in tournaments with other universities, polo clubs, and professional teams. In addition to this, we host three termly intra-OUPC tournaments, one aimed solely at Beginners. At OUPC, the highlight of the season is the annual Varsity Weekend, where multiple of our teams go up against Cambridge, with the first day – La Martina Varsity Day – being played on Smiths Lawn, Guards Polo Club.

As well as our packed polo schedule, we hold regular and varied socials, gatherings, and events as a club,
to which we invite guests with open arms!




Oxford, United Kingdom