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SUPA Summer Nationals 2021

This year five teams represented OUPC at the SUPA Summer Nationals 2021, with four out of five teams placing top 3 in their division!

Huge congratulations to the OUPC B4 (Beth Wesche, Anthony Del Rio, Mira Motani, Hope Welker) for winning the National Champions title in the B4 division! 🥇💪

Great results from all our other teams as well:

➡️SAPA combined (Rayhaan Surve, Issam Al-Mamlouk) 3rd 🥉

➡️Inters (Katie MacKeith, Stefan Collins, Camilla Hyslop, Sophie Clarke) 2nd 🥈

➡️Novice (Joyce Wang, Audrey Grant, Tom Law, Anselm Dyer) 6th

➡️B1 (Dylan Thursfield, Veronica Schwabach, Beatrice Marchegiani) - 3rd 🥉

We are so grateful to SUPA for organising everything, and to Offchurch Bury Polo Club for hosting us.

A special thanks goes to all the Oxford Polo team, our coach Hector Worsley and our sponsor La Martina.

Lastly a big thank you goes to our polo manager Tamara Gibbons who made sure everything ran smoothly, and despite getting injured less than a week ago came to support us every day!

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