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OUPC vs. University of Nottingham Polo Club

This Saturday OUPC played 3 matches against Nottingham University, with all teams playing exceptionally well so a big congratulations to all!  First up, the beginner team (Audrey Grant, Noel Neeman and Mira Motani/Sarah Sheets) absolutely smashed their match, winning 14-0! Special congratulations to Audrey who was MVP.  Secondly, the novice team (Natascha Domeisen, Sophie Clarke and Munirah Dasu Patel/Dominika Jedrzejczyk, with special guest Tamara Gibbons who stepped in for chukka 1) played a well fought game, narrowly beaten 8-6.  Finally, the intermediate team (Jamie Baillie, Jack Bowen and Anna Brinkman-Schwartz) had a great game, winning their match 10-5! Special congratulations to Jamie who was MVP.

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