Our Sponsors

La Martina

La Martina is a family company focusing on Polo technical equipment, clothing and accessories. La Martina's core values are respect for rules and opponents, a sense of honour, and above all, integrity. Their technical equipment is not only high performing from a sporting point of view, but also guarantees maximum safety for player and horse. La Martina sponsor the Varsity Day and provide OUPC with all of the equipment we could need.

To find out more, head to www.lamartina.com

Guards Polo Club

Guards Polo Club is set in the outstanding natural surroundings of Smith's Lawn. The spectacular location, impressive fixtures list and the Club's unrivalled, close relationship with the Royal Family ensures that Guards Polo Club is, without doubt, one of the most famous polo clubs in the world. Guards is also the location of the annual Varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge, which is the oldest polo match in the western world.

To find out more, head to www.guardspoloclub.com

British Polo Gin

The gin and tonic has been the polo players’ choice of refreshment for over 150 years. British Polo Gin, our spirit sponsors, produce quadruple distilled gin, using only the best organic botanicals to create the most flavoursome and smoothest of gins. Hand made by artisans in a wood-fuelled small batch still and simply crafted with Ceredigion’s finest spring water, this gin is as pure as can be.

To find out more, head to www.britishpologin.co.uk

Varsity Events

Our social sponsors, Varsity Events, provide us with fantastic nights out in Oxford. They also provide us with brilliant venues such as the Varsity Club and Bridge Nightclub, for our many dinners and drinks events.

To find out more, head to their page.