Meet the Committee

The Oxford University Polo Club Committee 2018-2019


Phoebe Toyne-Bridges


As the figurehead of the Club, Phoebe is responsible for the smooth operation of the Club’s activities, directing the committee and overseeing larger projects.


Charlie Hitchman


As Captain and Fixtures Officer, Charlie, organises squad sessions and matches, selects the team along with the coach, and has led the team to victory on multiple continents.


Munirah Dasu-Patel


The Treasurer essentially handles anything money-related. Munirah pays and sends out invoices, keeps track of our accounts and organises termly budgets with the rest of committee.


Tamara Gibbons


Tamara manages the Club email account, writes the Weekly Email, manages the membership database and Facebook members group and takes and distributes minutes of all meetings.


Charlie Keen

Social secretary

As Social Secretary, Charlie organises crewdates, dinners, and all other social events for the Club and liaises with our social partners, Varsity Events.


Julia Phillips

Polo manager

As Polo Manager, Julia liaises with the coaches to organise lessons during term-time for all skill-levels, coordinating taster sessions, and organising intra-OUPC tournaments, such as termly Cuppers.


Adrian Holle

Stash and sponsorship officer

As Stash and Sponsorship Officer, Adrian assists the Chairman in managing the sponsors, which includes organising and promoting the annual stash order and sourcing and contacting additional
sponsors and donors.


León Romano Brandt

Alumni officer

As Alumni Officer, León manages the Alumni database; organises events and engages in regular correspondence with Alumni to keep them up to date with the club after they leave.


Olly Cheung

Membership officer

As Membership Officer, Olly is handling all new membership details and assisting Lily in her role as Secretary for Michaelmas 2018.